Introducing Sana Catering Schools

At Sana Catering we have a passion for food. We feel that nutritional intake is vital for children to be functional in their learning at an optimal level. We also understand that healthy eating patterns built during childhood serve as a foundation for life.

We have an extensive list of suppliers providing us with the key fresh ingredients to produce innovative, healthy, nutritional food for children’s lunches.

We have a productive and fully functioning infrastructure in place to successfully grow our client base.

Menus designed to provide the proper nutrition your kids need

What children eat from their early years into young adulthood shapes brain development, metabolism and overall health. We endeavour to provide high quality, freshly prepared and healthy homecooked meals with balanced and nutritious menus to satisfy our international community of children.

Because we’re a team of young, passionate-about-food individuals, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all template that we deliver to all clients. Our catering focuses on tailor-made solutions. Our innovative methods mean we take time to develop bespoke ideas to match our clients’ needs and we also recognise the importance of value for money, therefore we work as a tight, agile team to develop ideas and solutions that utilise resources efficiently and apply this to the specific requirements related to catering for schools.

We only use fresh produce delivered every day

Based in the Polígono, Nueva Campana we have established strong networks with local companies who supply us with fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy. All food is ordered and delivered daily so that our school menus are prepared and cooked fresh each morning.

We prefer to use natural, locally grown herbs to add flavour to our food rather than sugars and salts. (Once a week we would like to provide a sweet treat** for the children which would be gluten and sugar free, offering the children a tasty alternative to what they are used to.)

Using local businesses means supply can be quick with short delivery times and it is so important for us to use local businesses both for supporting sustainability but also to help grow and support the local economy.

We closely follow the Junta de Andalucía guidelines for daily nutritional requirements to ensure we are providing a healthy, balanced meal.

Paving the way for nutritious & healthy meals for kids and educating them for the future

We like to invite classes of children to the main kitchen at the school where they can work with our chefs and see for themselves how to prepare a nutritious meal whilst learning about the benefits of healthy foods. To learn that food is made from natural ingredients, the process of preparing and cooking food, to preparing the finished plate. We believe that it is beneficial for them to learn about this process in a fun and innovative way and that health and nutrition should be part of the curriculum as an essential life lesson we can offer to the Schools where we provide their school lunches.

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